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A course in Creative Digital Photography A course in Creative Digital Photography
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Photographic Vision and the Frame

This Creative Eye Workshop examines how the frame creates specific qualities of the photographic image. You will do photographic exercises to explore your vision seen through the viewfinder frame, developing awareness of what is include within the frame, what is excluded, what is implied from outside the frame, angle of view, point of view, visual structure within the frame, movement within the frame, movement of the frame and control of moment and duration of exposure.


You are expected to have mastered the basic craft of photography, have a working knowledge and experience with computers and Photoshop or other image editing software. You must have at your disposition suitable photographic equipment and a computer with image editing software in order to prepare your images for presentation in class. Demo image editing software will be provided where required. If you wish to use conventional photographs, they must be scanned into a digital format.

Workshop Outline

This workshop is usually presented in 4 three-hour sessions.
Sessions 2 and 3 are usually in the morning or afternoon of the same day.

Photography Workshop Activities
Session 1
The limits of the photographic image
Inside and outside the frame
Entering and leaving the frame
Depth in 2D
Session 2
Photo session
   Inside and outside the frame
   Depth in 2D
Session 3
Photo session
   Entering and leaving the frame
Session 4
Discussion and appreciation of photographic work

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