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A course in Creative Digital Photography A course in Creative Digital Photography
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This Creative Eye Workshop is about developing photographic vision through awareness of the two principle elements of photographic imagery - Light and Time.


Light is the link between the physical world and the photographic image. It is also an essential element in the production of conventional photographic prints and as such, it has a definite impact on the rendering of these images.


Time is the link between the dimensions of space and the photographic image. Every photographic image is recorded during a specific period and at a specific moment in the chronology of the history of the universe as the subject matter evolves in the flux of space.

As photographers we are constantly dealing with the perception and expression of these two phenomena - Light and Time! The essential question is how are we predisposed to receive, perceive, comprehend and render these phenomena as effective visual expressions? Your success as a photographer depends greatly on how receptive you are to manifestations of light and the present moment.


You are expected to have mastered the basic craft of photography, have a working knowledge and experience with computers and Photoshop or other image editing software. You must have at your disposition suitable photographic equipment and a computer with image editing software in order to prepare your images for presentation in class. Demo image editing software will be provided where required. If you wish to use conventional photographs, they must be scanned into a digital format.

Workshop Outline

This workshop is usually presented in 4 three-hour sessions.
Sessions 2 and 3 are usually in the morning or afternoon of the same day.

Photography Workshop Activities
Session 1
   Albedo - the reflection of light by celestial bodies
   A moment in the chronology of history
   Vectors - Direction and magnitude
   Displacement - definition of Space
   Exposure period
Session 2
Photo session - Albedo, Shadow & Transparency
Session 3
Photo session - Time, Movement & Space
Session 4
Discussion and appreciation of photographic work

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