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A course in Personal Vision & Photography A course in Personal Vision & Photography
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    Digital photography workshop, Ottawa, Ontario    
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Personal Vision comes from within yourself. It is the awareness of how to use your imagination to create an idea or concept that drives your visual expression. The clarity of your personal vision determines how successful you will be in creating photographs that are unique and expressive. The goal of this workshop is to help you identify what drives your visual curiosity and your impulsion to be visually expressive. It will explore how to integrate your personal vision in the mental and emotional experience and artistic craftsmanship of your photographic practice.

During the workshop, you will engage in self-examination of you personal psychology and sociology and how it determines your artistic expression. This will involve externalizing inner thoughts through questionaires, writing and sketching exercises. You will also do photographic assignments designed to develop and expand your personal vision and photographic expression.


You are expected to have mastered the basic craft of photography, have a working knowledge and experience with computers and Photoshop or other image editing software. You must have at your disposition suitable photographic equipment and a computer with image editing software in order to prepare your images for presentation in class. Demo image editing software will be provided where required. If you wish to use conventional photographs, they must be scanned into a digital format.

Workshop Outline

This workshop is usually presented in 6 three-hour sessions.

Photography Workshop Activities
Session 1 Defining Personal Vision
Looking Outward
   Personal world view
   Personality type
   Personal Culture
Looking Inward
   What drives you
   Sources of inspiration
Your personal myth
   Developing your inner narrative
   The self-fulfilling dream
Session 2 Dimensions of Consciousness
   Psychological influences
   Sociological influences
   World view
   Parti pris
   Past experience
Self analysis of :
   Your psychological influences
   Your sociological influences
   Your world view
   Your parti pris
Session 3 Discussion of your self analysis
Inside-the-Box: Photo assignment to explore, develop
    and define what drives you to make the kind of images
    you usually make and how you make your images.
Session 4 Discussion of the kind of images you usually make
Personal Style
   What makes expression original
   Choice of subject
   Attitude toward subject
Exercise: Anaylsis of previous photographic work
    to identify how you express your personal style.
Session 5 Outside-the-Box: Photo assignment to explore and
    develop new avenues of photographic expression and
    new photographic style based on personal not traits
    previously exploited.
Session 6 Presentation and group appreciation of images from
    Outside-the-Box assignment.
Discussion of new expression personal vision and
    personal style.

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