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A course in Digital  Photography for Portfolios A course in Digital  Photography for Portfolios
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    Digital photography workshop, Ottawa, Ontario    
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Visual artists, graphists, interior designers, architects, photographers, actors... anyone who uses a professional portfolio for promotion will find digital imaging is a required, powerful and economic new tool.

In this digital photography workshop, you will learn how to use digital images to produce digital portfolios as HTML documents, PDF (Acrobat) documents and as printed books, folders, and portfolios. You will learn how to analyse and select images from your corpus of photographic work, in order to arrange them in sequences that augment the meaning of the individual images and create dramatic effect. You will learn how to correct, enhance, and prepare images for printing and electronic documents and how to assemble images and text (artist's statements, CVs, etc.) as printed and digital portfolios.


Although you will explore and use concepts of sequencing in this course, this subject will not be treated in depth. It is recommended that you take the course on Sequencing: Portfolios, Exhibitions, Books before taking this course.

You are expected to have mastered the basic craft of photography, have a working knowledge and experience with computers and Photoshop or other image editing software. You must have at your disposition a suitable computer and a printer, in order to print small draft prints of your images for creation of the printed maquette. Demo software for image editing and production of the your portfolio will be provided where required. If you wish to use conventional photographs, they must be scanned into a digital format.

Workshop Outline

This workshop is usually presented in 6 three-hour sessions.

Workshop Content
Session 1
Creating Portfolios
    Viewers - public, juries, clients, etc.
    Image quality
    Presentation - meeting requirements for submissions
    Content - selection of images
    Structure - sequencing
    Printed documents
    Electronic documents
Session 2 Define your project
Image management
    Organizing images
    Filing & Archiving
Tools and Software
Selecting Images
Structuring Images
Presentation - Layout, etc.
Session 3 Scanners and scanning
Basic image editing practice
Preparing images
    for print
    for service bureaus
    for the Internet
Session 4 Creating web pages
    Making web page galleries
    Structure and navigation
    Tools & techniques
Session 5 Multimedia presentations
    Scripting & storyboarding
    Tools & techniques
Producing CDs and DVDs
Session 6 Printed Presentations
   Architecture of the printed page
   Structure - Sequencing
Tools & techniques
Producing Books, Folders, and printed Portfolios

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