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A course in Low Light Digital Photography A course in Low Light Digital Photography
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    Digital photography workshop, Ottawa, Ontario    
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The world looked at close up, enlarged and magnified, reveals a new and wondrous perspective. Flowers, insects, small objects, miniature models... all present an amazingly different reality.

This workshop will guide you to appropriate choice of equipment, and instruct you about lighting and technique to make effective macro-photographs. During the hands-on photo session you will experiment and gain experience solving problems photographing different kinds of small objects. During the concluding session, you will present, discuss and appreciate you work with the other participants and receive further guidance for future photographic work.

Workshop Outline

This digital photography workshop presented in 1 three-hour class session, 2 three-hour photo sessions and a three-hour wrap-up session to appreciate participants' work.

Photography Workshop Activities
Session 1
Overview of photographic requirements
Recommended equipment
Review of essential camera functions and settings
Macro-photography technique
Organization of field work
Session 2
On-site photographic work using technical exercises to
.explore macro-photography technique
Individual and group coaching.
Session 3
On-site photographic work to explore a subject chosen
.by the participants
Individual and group coaching.
Session 4
Group analysis and appreciation of on-site photographic

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