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A Panoramic Digital Photography Workshop A Panoramic Digital Photography Workshop
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    Digital photography workshop, Ottawa, Ontario    
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As your eyes scan about, the mental image that you form in your mind is far wider than can usually be captured in a single photograph. Digital imaging offers exceptional facility to record a scene in segments that can be seamlessly stitching together into panoramic images.

During this digital photography workshop you will learn how use digital Point & Shoot cameras, digital SLRs and specialized equipment such as the Gigapan to make composite panoramic images. You will learn how to record panoramic images while rotating about a point, even a complete 360 degree rotation. You will also learn how to make two-dimensional and linear panoramas. As you photograph you will learn about composition and aesthetic aspects of panoramic images.

To complete the workshop, you will learn how to use software to assemble your images and prepare them for printing and display.

Workshop Outline

This digital photography workshop presented in 3 three-hour class session, 2 three-hour photo sessions and a three-hour wrap-up session to appreciate participants' work.

Photography Workshop Activities
Session 1
Approaching the subject
Aesthetic aspects of panoramic photography
Recommended equipment
Review of essential camera functions and settings
Panoramic imaging technique
Session 2
Discussion of image stitching and treatment software
Demonstration of image stitching and treatment software
Organization of field work
Session 3
On-site photographic work: exploration of various
.techniques for making panoramic images.
Individual and group coaching.
Session 4
On-site photographic work to explore aesthetic aspects
.of panoramic images.
Individual and group coaching.
Session 5
In class treatment, stitching and printing of images
Session 6
Group analysis and appreciation of photographic work.

Dates & Registration
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