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A course in Digital  Photography for Real Estate Personnel A course in Digital  Photography for Real Estate Personnel
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    Digital photography course, Ottawa, Ontario    
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Photography is an essential tool for persons who work in the real estate business. Persons involved in the promotion, sales or rental of residential or commercial real estate use photographs constantly to introduce and explain properties to clients. Proficient use of photography as a promotional tool can increase benefits significantly.

In digital photography course you will learn how to use digital photography to make effective images of architecture. You will learn basic concepts of digital imaging technology, the functions of digital cameras and the precise use of camera settings. Through demonstrations and hands-on exercises, you will learn quick and effective ways to photograph architectural exteriors and interiors. This workshop also includes instruction on management and archiving of images, basic image editing techniques and integrating images into text documents, electronic documents and databases.

Note: This course can qualify for credits with the Real Estate Council of Ontario. If you wish to receive more information, please send us an email

Course Outline

This digital photography course consists of 6 three-hour sessions.

Photography Course Content
Session 1
Basic concepts
    Digital imaging
    Camera optics
Session 2
Digital cameras & accessories
Camera functions and settings
Session 3
Photographic technique
    Architectural exteriors
Session 4
Photographic technique
    Architectural interiors
Session 5
Image management
    Filing & Archiving
Image editing - basic techniques
Session 6
Integrating images
    Text documents
    Electronic documents

Dates & Registration
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