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A course in Digital  Photography for Travellers A course in Digital  Photography for Travellers
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Travellers make photographic documents of their experiences or use photography to explore unfamiliar cultures and geography. Their ultimate intention is to use their photographs to tell others of their experiences and observations. Photographs become an element of the traveller's narrative.

The principle theme of this digital photography course is visual storytelling. You will explore essential aspects and devices of storytelling as a framework for presentation of your travel photographs. You will learn how to research destinations and the photographic opportunities that are present, how to create a story structure, choose a point of view, plan and optimize your daily photographic activities, how to select and edit images, write and edit your story and finally, how to present your story. Various forms of printed, electronic and multimedia presentation will be discussed. Software for image management, archiving, and preparation of images for printed journals and travelogues, for audio-visual presentation will be demonstrated.

You will learn how to develop new attitudes to aesthetic, social, and psychological elements of travel photography. This will be complemented by an exploration of appropriate photographic techniques for various subjects and a discussion of appropriate equipment and travel security.

Note: A hands-on photographic workshop can be added to this course. Participants would simulate a travel experience by visiting and photographing a neighbourhood for a day. They would then produce a travel story presentation that is appreciated through discussion with fellow participants.

Course Outline

This digital photography course generally consists of 6 three-hour sessions. It can be extended by including an photography project, exercises in storyboarding, image editing and multimedia development.

Photography Course Content
Session 1
Planning Your Trip
Session 2
What to Take, What Not to Take:
   Selecting equipment
Photo Technique
Session 3
Approaching the subject:
   Flora and Fauna
   Urban landscape
   Street photography
   Social documentary
   Urban iconography
Session 4
While travelling:
   Organising your day
   Subjects and strategies
 Appreciation of photos
 Discussion of travel projects
Session 5
Putting it all together:
   Image management

   Sorting and selection
   Writing & Editing
   Preparing for print
   Preparing for multimedia
    Production tools and software
Session 5
Appreciation of travel programs, films, lectures and books.

Dates & Registration
  "I very much enjoyed this course - a baseline for my travels- I enjoyed the extra information on general travel tips."
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