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A Digital Photography Workshop - Georgian Bay-Manitoulin A Digital Photography Workshop - Georgian Bay-Manitoulin
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    Digital photography workshop, Georgian Bay, Ontario    
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This four day workshop will take you to the magnificent natural environment of Gros Morne National Park of Canada, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From a base camp at Lomond on Bonne Bay, you will explore the centre of the park. You will also visit more intimately the shores of Bonne Bay as well as other corners of the park, an excellent occasion to see nature close-up.

Personal Vision

Personal Vision is the ability to see something that only you can see because it comes from within yourself. It is the awareness of using your imagination to create an idea or concept that can drive your visual expression. How clear your personal vision is, how closely integrated it is to your photographic practice, determines how successful you will be in creating photographs that are unique and expressive. The goal of this workshop is to help the photographer identify what drives their visual curiosity and their impulsion to be visually expressive. It will explore how to integrate personal vision in the mental and emotional experience and artistic craftsmanship of ongoing photographic practice.

Workshop Outline

This a preliminary outline of the workshop activities. More details will be added as they become available.

Photography Workshop Activities
Sunday evening
Introduction of participants, workshop mentors,
presentation of workshop activities.
Day 1, Monday
Defining Personal Vision:
   Personal world view
   Personal style
   Personality type
Looking Inward
   What drives you
   Sources of inspiration
Your personal myth
   Developing your inner narrative
   The self-fulfilling dream
Afternoon Dimensions of Consciousness:
   Psychological influences
   Sociological influences
   World view
   Parti pris
   Past experience
Evening Visual presentation
Day 2, Tuesday
Personal Style:
   What makes expression original
   Exploration of choice of subject
   Attitude toward subject
Photo session:
Albedo - exploration of photography as a light dependent medium and how this affects personal vision and the image.
Evening Appreciation of work
Day 3, Wednesday
Photo session:
Syzygy - exploration of how the expression of a three-dimensional universe as a two-dimensional image affects personal vision.
Afternoon Photo session:
Ex Machina - exploration of how the mechanics, physics and chemistry of the photographic medium affects personal vision and the image.
Evening Appreciation of work
Day 4, Thursday
Photo session:
Dark Matter - exploration of the expression of that which is not seen by the eye and lens and affects personal vision and the image.
Afternoon One-on-one appreciation of work
Preparation of presentations
Selection and editing of photos
Evening Wrap-up presentations
Appreciation and celebration.

Dates & Registration
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