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A Digital Photography Workshop - Georgian Bay-Manitoulin A Digital Photography Workshop - Georgian Bay-Manitoulin
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    Digital photography workshop, Georgian Bay, Ontario    
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The first part of this digital photography workshop is centred on a short sea kayak expedition to the Georgian Bay Islands in a World Biosphere Reserve! There are no monitors on this trip. Some kayaking experience is required. The route is through fairly protected channels so paddling is usually quite relaxed.

On and about the islands, their granite surfaces rounded and smoothed by ancient glaciers, you will discover interesting landscapes, flora and fauna to photograph. You may even find some of the magic balancing rocks of Georgian Bay!

Then you will travel to the Manitoulin Island area to participate in a traditional First Nations Pow Wow, a unique opportunity to meet friendly, interesting and colourful people and learn about their culture. The workshop group will camp on a beautiful site at Sunshine Alley with the Pow Wow participants. You will be able to photograph the Pow Wow participants in their hansom and colourful traditional dress as they perform various ceremonies and dances. You can also explore the landscape and visit Dreamer’s Rock, a sacred site for vision quests.

Workshop Outline

This outline may be adjusted in length and details according to the needs of participants and activities. More details will be added as they become available.

Photography Workshop Activities
evening session
Introduction of participants, workshop mentors,
. presentation of workshop activities

Discussion of preparations

Discussions about technical and aesthetic aspects
.of the workshop
Base camp
Group will meet at base camp in the evening
Day 2
Kayak trip
Depart for Georgian Bay Islands camp
Day 3
Kayak trip
Exploration of islands
Day 4
Kayak trip
Return from Georgian Bay Islands
Trip to Pow Wow camp
Day 5
Pow Wow
Whitefish River Traditional Pow Wow
Day 6
Pow Wow
Whitefish River Traditional Pow Wow
evening session
Participants will present their edited selection from
.the work done during the workshop with comments
.and discussion.

Dates & Registration
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