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A Digital Photography Workshop - Georgian Bay-Manitoulin A Digital Photography Workshop - Georgian Bay-Manitoulin
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    Digital photography workshop, Georgian Bay, Ontario    
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Little Bay Islands is a community located in Notre Dame Bay, near Springdale along the north shore of Newfoundland. It is composed of Macks Island, Goat Island, Harbour Island, and Boatswain Tickle Island. The island has a population of about 150. There is a school, fire station, two churches, a bed and breakfast, and a crab processing plant which is the main employer in the community. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to experience the multiple facets of insular life of Newfoundlanders.

The Creative Eye

This workshop explores how the eye, the mind and the camera view the world differently and how to become more conscious of your environment in order to use photographic craft and technique to create expressive images. It is centred on the development of the process of looking, seeing, conceiving and construction of personal vision. It assumes that participants have already attained a reasonable level of proficiency of technique and craftsmanship.

Photography Workshop Activities
Sunday evening
Introduction of participants, workshop mentors,
presentation of workshop activities
Day 1, Tuesday
Photo session Theme - The way I see the world ?
Afternoon Presentation/Discussion:
What is Creativity?
Creative photography process:
   Point of view and style
Evening Projection and discussion of photo work
Day 2, Wednesday
The philosophy of creative vision:
   Unconstricted Awareness
   Empathy and Insight
   Passion and Commitment
   Discipline and Completion
Presentation and choice of creative exercises
Afternoon Photo session:
   Creative exercises - Perception and focus
Individual and group coaching.
Evening Projection and discussion of photo work
Day 3, Thursday
Photo session:
Creative exercises -
   Walking meditation & visualisation
Individual and group coaching.
Afternoon Photo session:
Creative exercises -
   Personal vision and visual dynamics
Individual interviews and coaching
Evening Projection and discussion of photo work
Day 4, Friday
Photo session:
Photographic work on a theme chosen by the participant.
Afternoon Preparation of presentations
Selection and editing of photos
Individual and group coaching.
Evening Wrap-up presentations
Appreciation and celebration.

Dates & Registration
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