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A Digital Photography Workshop - Pacific-Orcas, Johnstone Strait, British Columbia A Digital Photography Workshop - Pacific-Orcas, Johnstone Strait, British Columbia
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    Digital photography workshop, Johnstone Strait, British Columbia    
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This digital photography workshop is being planned for the summer of 2010. The essential activity will be a 6 day kayak expedition planned and provided by a local kayak expedition outfitter. They will provide expert monitor guides, kayaks, equipment and an excellent menu.

You will paddle through the summer playground of the magnificent Orca Whale who come to feed on salmon and rub their bellies on the shore rocks of Johnstone Strait on the coast of British Columbia. to visit the summer habitat of the Orca whales. You will have plenty of opportunity to photograph a wide variety of marine and terrestrial fauna and flora in this special Pacific Ocean environment.

You will also travel across Johnstone Strait into Blackfish Sound to the Broughton Archipelago Marine Park. Here you will probably sight several bald eagles and many other maritime birds and mammals. You may also visit an old First nations Village and learn about the Kwakwaka’wakw native culture.

Workshop Outline

This outline may be adjusted in length and details according to the needs of participants and activities. More details will be added as they become available.

Photography Workshop Activities
evening session
Introduction of participants, workshop mentors,
. presentation of workshop activities

Discussion of preparations

Discussions about technical and aesthetic aspects
.of the workshop
Kayak trip
Group will meet at Port Hardy or Telegraph Cove
Day 2
Kayak trip
Day 3
Kayak trip
Day 4
Kayak trip
Day 5
Kayak trip
Day 6
Kayak trip
evening session
Participants will present their edited selection from
.the work done during the workshop with comments
.and discussion.

Dates & Registration
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