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A Digital Photography Workshop on the theme Springtime A Digital Photography Workshop on the theme Springtime
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    Digital photography workshop, Ottawa, Ontario    
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This digital photography workshop explores manifestations of the arrival of Spring. It provides an excellent opportunity to visit the gardens, the arboretum and the other grounds of the Experimental Farm, Ottawa, that offer a wide variety of possibilities for photographing landscape, vegetation, architecture, people and activities. Apple, cherry, lilacs and many ground plants are in bloom in early May. Also, at locations along the Rideau Canal, a vast variety of tulips are in bloom in celebration of the Ottawa Tulip Festival.

During the preliminary evening session, you will be introduced to aesthetic elements of images and approaches to image making. Essential photographic technique will also be reviewed. Particular attention will be given to macro-photography technique for close-up images of flowers. You will receive group and individual coaching while working on your on-site photographic project at various sites along the Rideau Canal and the Experimental Farm. In a concluding session, the participants will present, discuss and appreciate their work and you receive further guidance for future photographic work.

Workshop Outline

This digital photography workshop presented in 1 three-hour class session, 2 three-hour photo sessions and a three-hour wrap-up session to appreciate participants' work.

Photography Workshop Activities
Session 1
Approaching the subject:
Point of view and style
Review of essential camera functions and settings and
.special technique such as macro photography
Organization of field work
Session 2
On-site photographic work making general observations
.of the various sites of Experimental Farm and the Ottawa
.Tulip Festival.
Individual and group coaching.
Session 3
On-site photographic work on a theme to explore the
.various sites of Experimental Farm and the Ottawa Tulip
Individual and group coaching.
Session 4
Group analysis and appreciation of on-site photographic

Dates & Registration
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