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Photography Course - Mastering your digital camera Photography Course - Mastering your digital camera
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    Digital photography course, Ottawa, Ontario    
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This photography course is designed to give participants a practical knowledge of digital cameras and essential technique for photographing most subjects. Participants learn basic concepts of digital imaging, functions of digital cameras and the use of camera settings. Working with their cameras, participants learn how adjust the principal settings for optimal results when photographing typical subjects. Special techniques for photographing subjects in motion, exceptional lighting, close-ups, landscape, portraits and other subjects are also discussed. Emphasis is placed the development of capacity to analyse scenes to determine appropriate choice of equipment and camera functions and controls to produce effective images.

Transfer, archiving, treatment and adjustment of images to prepare for output as prints, audio-visual presentation and for use on the Internet are also discussed and demonstrated.

Course Outline

This digital photography course is presented in 6 three-hour sessions.

Photography Course Content
Session 1
Basic concepts
   Digital imaging
   Camera optical system
Session 2
Camera functions and settings: a hands-on exploration of
.your camera and how to use functions and settings
Session 3
Choice of equipment and camera for effective photos
Photographic technique:
   Holding a camera & camera support
   Choice of Lens
   Focusing & Autofocus
   Selective Focus & Depth-of-field
   Metering Modes
   Exposure Adjustment
Session 4
Scene analysis and choice of functions and settings:
   Evaluating Light
   Program, Aperture and Shutter Priority, Manual
   Expressing Motion
   Movement - Camera & Subject
   Low Light Exposures
Session 5
Flash Technique:
   On-camera Flash
   Supplementary Flash
   Fill Flash
   Flash Lighting Modifiers
Session 6
Management and treatment of images:
   Organizing and archiving images
   Colour management
   Image editing workflow
   Image editing techniques
   Preparing images for print, service bureaus
.print labs and the Internet

Dates & Registration
  "Excellent - A great foundation for a new future in digital photography - Thank you."

"I ended up getting more out of this course than I had planned. Cedric definitely knows his stuff and is able to pass it on quite clearly."

"We got lots of individual attention. This was a very useful as all our cameras are different and require unique instruction."
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