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    Digital Photography Workshops and Courses, Ottawa, Ontario    

Core Courses

The Core Courses provide the photographer with essential knowledge of and experience in the practice of the photographic craft. The Core Workshop provides an opportunity to develop personal vision, style and attitude as a photographic artist.

These courses and workshops are offered at various institutions in the Ottawa (Canada) area. It may also be possible to arrange a private course or workshop adapted to your needs. Please send us an email for further information about these courses and workshops or to enquire about private workshops.

Mastering your Digital Camera course .

Mastering your
Digital SLR Camera

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Digital photography requires even experienced photographers to grasp new concepts and learn about numerous new camera controls and adjustments. In this workshop, you will learn about basic concepts of digital photography and how to analyse a scene to chose and adjust the various functions and controls of digital cameras to produce effective pictures. Transfer, archiving, treatment and adjustment of images to prepare for output as prints or for use on the Internet are also demonstrated.

Photoshop for Photographers course .

for Photographers

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This is a course for photographers who wish to use Adobe Photoshop to correct, enhance and print digitized photographic images. You will learn how to develop an efficient workflow and how to use Photoshop techniques that are specifically related to photographic practice to produce high quality finished images.

Photographic Image Mastery Workshop Image Mastery Photography Workshop

Photographic Vision -
The Photographer's Eye

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Capturing an image on film, or as a digital image, is only the first step in creating a photographic image. Since the origins of photography, practitioners have taken these primal images and interpreted them through various chemical and physical processes to create final images that correspond to their mental image of the pictured scene. The goal of this workshop is to develop a high level of photographic craftsmanship through the creation of visual and emotional presence in the photographic print.

Other Courses
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